Rules for Eating Healthy



Here’s some quick tips to keep in mind to help you eat healthier:

  • avoid foods that are fried, sauteed, and/or breaded; instead choose foods that are baked, steamed or grilled
  • avoid fake foods like margarine or non-diary creamers; instead choose real butter, milk, etc. in moderate amounts
  • replace meats with other plant based sources of protein like beans, oatmeal, quinoa
  • if you choose meats, make sure they are lean cuts like filet, loins, or breasts.
  • when choosing ground meats, make sure they are 92% or higher fat-free (including ground poultry)
  • a serving of meat is 4-6 ounces; that is approximately the size of your palm.
  • eat more fish. Keep in mind shellfish are low in fat, but may contain cholesterol, so consume in moderation.
  • produce like fruit and vegetables should make up 3/4 of your plate.
  • avoid creamy salad dressings like caeser and ranch; instead opt for vinegar based dressing
  • when eating out, order a salad instead of fries with your meal, and ask for the vinaigrette on the side
  • skip croutons, cheese and any salad topping listed as “crispy’
  • smoothies are better than juicing; they retain the fiber found naturally in the fruit which helps to slow down the absorption of the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit.
  • if you choose to have a smoothie, try to avoid consuming any more fruit that day, stick to vegetables
  • choose brown foods over white foods; brown rice/bread contain the outer bran which adds fiber and other healthy vitamins and minerals that are stripped away when creating white flour and/or rice.
  • white potatoes are still good for you and are a good source of potassium; eat the skin to get all the benefits!
  • artificial sweeteners are still sweeteners, treat them as you would any other added sugar
  • Added sugar is added sugar, agave nectar, honey, sugar in the raw, they are all added sweeteners. try to avoid, but if you must, consume infreuently

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