Hey there!! If you’ve been following along on any of my social media channels, you probably have heard I wrote a cookbook! As I have spent the last 20 years going through my own fitness and health journey, I slowly realized that the holidays can be a true test of living the healthy lifestyle. Many of our family traditions, as least when it comes to food, involves foods that can be far from healthy. And while, a little indulgent is okay, during the holidays, there is a tendency to indulge more than we really need to. At least it seems to be that way for me.

Slowly I stopped making foods that my family didn’t really like to eat, but we made every year because it was tradition. And then I’d be stuck with all these leftovers for foods no-one liked, and they’d eventually just get thrown away. What a waste of money, but my time as well. Our Thanksgiving table probably looks a like most peoples, but there’s definitely less. We usually have two veggies: Fresh green beans, brussel sprouts and carrots, roasted root vegetables  or a big fresh salad. And then a little stuffing (my husband is the only one who really loves stuffing, so I make a small batch) and a lot of smashed potatoes (we’re Irish and German, so all the potatoes) and a big turkey. I usually get a turkey that would feed twice the amount of people we host, because I will use the crap out of those leftovers for days, weeks even.

Christmas time is very similar – we’re a small family, and we just had a turkey (and are probably still eating leftovers..) so on this holiday we go prime rib! It’s expensive, but so easy to bake. Because the quality of the meat is so good, I keep it simple. Serving it along side some more smashed potatoes (or maybe switch it up to Augratin) and two more vegetable dishes. Fresh ingredients. Breakfast is my splurge, monkey bread for Christmas morning and french toast casserole for Thanksgiving.

I’ll make a pumpkin pie from scratch, if I have the time – roasting and pureeing the flesh of the small sweet pie pumpkins. And we always start the year with Black Eyed Pea soup, with a fresh kale salad. Rumor is that black eyed peas on new years days leads to a prosperous year ahead!

All of these recipes are included in the new cookbook! If you are interested in purchasing the cookbook (released November 15th) send $15 using the links below, include your email address in the comments and the cookbook will be emailed to you within 24 hours!

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