One on One Coaching

Personalized. Customized. Just for you. Made to fit your life. Your preferences. Optimized to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Change the way you see and treat food – as a way to nourish your body and provide fuel so that you can live an active lifestyle with more energy and stamina! Proper nutrition isn’t just about weight loss, but also about getting more from your body – creating more muscle and leaner tissue. The number on the scale in only part of the story; and I want you to learn how to get beyond the scale.

Spending hours at the gym without proper fuel can lead to muscle wasting (a loss of muscle mass – not fat loss); When we fuel our body with enough nutrition, we can BUILD muscle, which in turns burns more calories, which creates a leaner body, which gives us more energy to eat more food!!

This is not a fad diet – this is a lifestyle. Therefore, it easily fits into Atkins/Keto, Whole 30, Vegans, Vegetarian, Pescatarians, Gluten-free, Diary free, whatever your current diet choice, we can accommodate it!

3 Levels of coaching to choose from

E-Macros: Get just your macros numbers and 1 15 min phone consultation each month

Level 1 Nutrition: Macros and weekly 15 min accountability checkins (via Phone or Video conferencing)

Level 2 Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching: Macros and weekly 20 min accountability checkins (phone or video conferencing); Includes one monthly 55 min transition planning session (phone or video conferencing)

Lifestyle and Transition Coaching – 

Going through big life changes are scary – however, changes are all part of life, without change we can’t grow. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed and in the process of, or needing a shake up? Let me help you identify goals, and then break it down into a series of manageable steps, a plan with accountability to support you in taking those scary steps! Sometimes having an unbiased and outside perspective can open  your eyes to the possibilities that can come from changes. A personal cheerleader to give you honest feedback and guidance.

Life transitions can include: Divorce, weight loss, a new career, career change, feeling “stuck”, starting your own business, Empty Nest Syndrome… whatever curveball life is throwing at you, I can help you get grow through the challenge!

Sessions can be added on a la carte to nutrition coaching, or purchased individual. Life Coaching Packages are available. Let me know how I can help you! I recommend committing to any service for a minimum of 3 months to cement changes – it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit, and 6 weeks to start to notice changes in your body.

Click HERE to scheduled your FREE 20 minute phone consultation – we can work together embracing the changes and finding the personal growth that comes with it!

Rules & tips for living healthy through fitness and nutrition