Box Jumps Make Me Pee, and how I fixed that…. kinda

Before I even start on this thread – WARNING: I am about to discuss intimate details about my body and its functions! Turn away if your sensibilities are easily offended or you would rather not talk about incontinence. It’s okay, I get it. We’re not supposed to take about it. It’s “private” – which is why we don’t realize that it HAPPENS TO EVERYONE! And if it hasn’t happened to you, lucky you. Talk to me after your given birth or lived past 35. Continue reading Box Jumps Make Me Pee, and how I fixed that…. kinda

Fish Tacos with Slaw and Crema

For the longest time, the only way my very picky husband would eat fish is if it was deep fried and served with fries and slaw. Over the years, with much fanfare and cajoling (much the same way I finally got him to eat green vegetables) he has slowly evolved and expanded his taste buds. Today, his fish selection includes salmon (cooked and raw), tuna (cooked and raw) and fish tacos. Living so close to Mexico, fish tacos are everywhere, but he would never eat them. Until we were on a trip to Acapulco.  Continue reading Fish Tacos with Slaw and Crema

Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Almost the end of July, and we are in the dog days of summer. The last few weeks, we’ve had temperatures in the upper 90’s and low 100’s, which isn’t bad, but then add the monsoon humidity on top of that, and its just gross. I think mother nature does that to remind us that dry heat is different – not better, but just different. As soon as the humidity broke, we hit highs in the 115-118’s – ooommppphhh. It’s hot. Even the over night lows are 90. Its never not hot, just various degrees of hell. Hahaha  Continue reading Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Braised Eggs in Purgatory – Italian Style

Last week was the summer solstice – the longest day of the year, the first day of summer – and we are officially on our way to fall! The temperatures in the Phoenix area are just starting to hit their peak – 111 the day after the solstice, like mother nature knows how to interpret a modern calendar.  Of course, most of us have already been in the full swing of summer, Continue reading Braised Eggs in Purgatory – Italian Style

French Toast Fruit Burritos

HEEELLLOOOO – It’s almost summer and here in Arizona we are still enjoying our under-100 degree weather for a few more days. It’s been super nice to be outside in the early mornings and even in the early evenings yet, but that is soon to change… Continue reading French Toast Fruit Burritos

Baked Fried Chicken

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! These are my long teaching days, and I am finding I love them! I teach cycle and yoga (back to back) with a little break before I head to another location to finish the day teaching yin. The more classes I teach, the happier I seem to be. And as weird as it may sound, (knock on wood) my back hasn’t been bothering me at all. Since the last back surgery, I have experienced some degree of pain daily. Usually it’s just achey and tight when I first get up in the morning, and I would start moving around, it was loosen up and not bother me so much. It just occurred to me a week or so ago that my back hasn’t even been bothering in the morning. Weird, until I saw an article recently Continue reading Baked Fried Chicken

Pasta Pesto Primavera – with chicken. Or not.

I’ve been so busy teaching and with hockey games, I haven’t been very social these past few months. So now that hockey season is over for my team (boo, but also kinda glad because…) I have so much more free time! Last weekend I ran the Pat Tillman Memorial Run (more about that later), hit up a burger and beer tasting at the ball park, stayed for the baseball game, and then hit up a pool side yoga class on Sunday morning, ended up staying and hanging with some friends (old and new) and enjoying a few mimosas. I was so chilled out.

Continue reading Pasta Pesto Primavera – with chicken. Or not.

Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken

So the last two days have been in the upper 90’s, and we have even hit 100 here in Arizona. Welcome “Spring”! We’ve just turned our air conditioning on here, so I am writing this with a hoodie on, since my husband likes to duplicate the weather in Northern Alberta in February. Spring means its officially the start of grilling season in the East, and north – and anywhere where it dips below 50 at any time of the year. The recipe I am sharing with you today was originally titled “Spring Chicken” but I thought that was deceiving, since we make it throughout the year. Continue reading Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken

Dijon and Panko Crusted Pork Loin Chops

Thanks to a very busy teaching schedule, I’ve been creating new original recipes, but haven’t had a chance to share them with you! In an effort to create more balance, I’m trying to set aside specific blocks of time dedicated to keeping you up to date with my latest and greatest recipes, as well as fitness and healthy lifestyle tips.

I’ve made this particular recipe a few times since I created it, and its been fabulous each time. Originally, I was looking for an alternative to shake and bake chops; Continue reading Dijon and Panko Crusted Pork Loin Chops

Yoga Teacher – Subbing Nightmare

As a fairly new yoga teacher, one of my worst teaching nightmare actually came true last week. New teachers usually do not have a lot of classes, so they tend to sub for more experienced teachers when they have an opportunity. This can be opportunities for amazing learning experiences, as many of these classes are pretty full with experienced yogis and as a new teacher, this may give us an opportunity to teach a style we don’t normally teach; stepping out of our comfort zone.

Early last week, I subbed for a teacher I have personally taken and absolutely love, and her class hated me. They didn’t say they hated me, but the vibe was there. I wasn’t going fast enough, I wasn’t Continue reading Yoga Teacher – Subbing Nightmare

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