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Pasta Pesto Primavera – with chicken. Or not.

I’ve been so busy teaching and with hockey games, I haven’t been very social these past few months. So now that hockey season is over for my team (boo, but also kinda glad because…) I have so much more free time! Last weekend I ran the Pat Tillman Memorial Run (more about that later), hit up a burger and beer tasting at the ball park, stayed for the baseball game, and then hit up a pool side yoga class on Sunday morning, ended up staying and hanging with some friends (old and new) and enjoying a few mimosas. I was so chilled out.

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Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

When I know I won’t be home until later in the day, and I can anticipate that making dinner will not be one of the things I am going to want to do when I get home, I try and meal plan something using my slow cooker or dutch oven. This way I can just get home and not worry too much that dinner is going to be pizza. And since my back is recuperating again, I’ve been trying some new fitness classes. Monday I tried a “Muscle” group class (at Mountainside Fitness) taught by Dana. It didn’t start until 6, which meant I wouldn’t be home until 7:30. For what ┬áit’s worth, two days later and my calves are still mad at me! If you are reluctant to strength train on the weight floor like me, I really recommend group fitness classes like this. Dana was great, and offered several modifications.

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Buddha Stir Fry

It’s still January, and it’s been pretty cold and rainy. Not as cold as it can get in other parts of the country, but for this area… it’s our version of winter. With it being so gray and overcast (which I love, for what it’s worth), sometimes I just crave a bright and vibrant meal, filled with fresh flavors and bursting with color. This recipe is a go to for me for just those moments. Continue reading Buddha Stir Fry