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Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Almost the end of July, and we are in the dog days of summer. The last few weeks, we’ve had temperatures in the upper 90’s and low 100’s, which isn’t bad, but then add the monsoon humidity on top of that, and its just gross. I think mother nature does that to remind us that dry heat is different – not better, but just different. As soon as the humidity broke, we hit highs in the 115-118’s – ooommppphhh. It’s hot. Even the over night lows are 90. Its never not hot, just various degrees of hell. Hahaha  Continue reading Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad

I recently sat in on a talk about flexible macro counting by the Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter ambassador, Kacey Luvi ; avid cross fitter, busy mom and fellow blogger (if you are interested in macro counting click on her name above and she gives a pretty good explanation and how to on her blog). She reminded me of the need to be consuming enough calories to fuel your body. As a woman, I believe our society rewards us for eating “like birds” and as we integrate that habit into our daily lives, the desire to cut calories in order to lose weight becomes second nature to us. Personally, I can find myself falling into the same trap often. Kacey talks about “reverse dieting” on her blog as well.  Continue reading Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad