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Rainbow Noodle Salad with Soy Tahini Dressing

Living in Arizona, I feel like allergy season is every season that it is not “the surface of the sun” hot. And for whatever reason (probably the massive amounts of rain we got this “winter”) my allergies are so bad right now. Sinus, eyes, throat and even a horrible cough, is making me curse these “cooler” temperatures and wistfully awaiting the arrival of 100 degree days. They will be here soon enough.

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Lets Drop Some Beets

I’m feeling a little funky today, hence the title of todays blog….

I’m halfway through yoga teacher training and I’m still debating if I will end up teaching in a studio or just doing my own thing, teaching private classes and incorporating health coaching into my private nutrition consulting… Of course, teaching in a studio means I’d have to audition and then the whole thing of failing in front of people kinda starts to freak me out a bit. I do know that Restorative and Yin yoga is definitely my jam (keeping with the whole musical theme) but I’d like to be able to teach some gentle flow too. I’m super excited to see where this takes me.

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Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad

I recently sat in on a talk about flexible macro counting by the Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter ambassador, Kacey Luvi ; avid cross fitter, busy mom and fellow blogger (if you are interested in macro counting click on her name above and she gives a pretty good explanation and how to on her blog). She reminded me of the need to be consuming enough calories to fuel your body. As a woman, I believe our society rewards us for eating “like birds” and as we integrate that habit into our daily lives, the desire to cut calories in order to lose weight becomes second nature to us. Personally, I can find myself falling into the same trap often. Kacey talks about “reverse dieting” on her blog as well.  Continue reading Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad