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June Produce

OOOHH I absolutely LOVE summer produce! Peaches, berries, baby spinach, baby tender greens, artichokes, just all the sweetness! Have you ever tried grilled peaches with some homemade vanilla bean ice cream? YUM! Berries and angel food cake with frozen whipped topping? SO IN! What are you most excited to tempt your taste buds with this season?

Honey Lime Chicken Breast

The week after a long weekend is always the hardest to get through. It’s a shorter week, but most of us still need to fit in the same amount of stuff. Makes for a super busy week. My to-do list this week included buying a new pair of running shoes! Last week, I made my first attempt to run since back surgery #2, kept it slow and all went well! No back pain! YAY! I thought I ran at a slow pace before I hurt myself, well, now I am even slower. It’s more of a slow jog. Maybe a fast walk… Another milestone in the bank!

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Berry Cherry Barbecue Chicken

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and that normally means it’s officially summer! Of course, technically, summer doesn’t start until June 21st on the calendar, but thats just semantics to me. We’ve had a pretty mild spring in Arizona (knocks on wood) this year, and have only seen a few 100 degree days so far and Memorial Day weekend is looking to remain less than 100 degrees!! I’m looking forward to being able to hang out outside and get some work done in the garage before the temperature rise!! I know it’s coming.

In light of Memorial Day being the traditional day we kick off the barbecue season in climates that experience seasons other than spring and summer, I wanted to share one of my favorite summer recipes – Berry Cherry Spicy Barbecue Chicken. This sauce is sweet, wth a hint of spice and smokiness that just yells summer. I highly recommend serving it along side cole slaw with a vinegar-based dressing and maybe some grilled corn on the cob! YUM! Continue reading Berry Cherry Barbecue Chicken