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Warm Kale Salad with a spicy peanut ginger dressing

One of my favorite things to do is take a pretty basic salad recipe – kale, onion, and ginger – and add a ton of other season vegetables to elevate it to the net level. This recipe is fine as it was, but it was lacking some extra crunch. The hearty kale gives way to the crunchy red peppers, cucumbers and spicy onion. The saltiness of the peanut butter in the dressing is a gorgeous contrast to the tangy ginger. And being warm, its a good salad for cooler months. Makes a great side salad, or vegetarian entree, or add some protein (I personally like salmon baked with a touch of sesame oil and Chinese 5 spice served on top).  Continue reading Warm Kale Salad with a spicy peanut ginger dressing

Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Almost the end of July, and we are in the dog days of summer. The last few weeks, we’ve had temperatures in the upper 90’s and low 100’s, which isn’t bad, but then add the monsoon humidity on top of that, and its just gross. I think mother nature does that to remind us that dry heat is different – not better, but just different. As soon as the humidity broke, we hit highs in the 115-118’s – ooommppphhh. It’s hot. Even the over night lows are 90. Its never not hot, just various degrees of hell. Hahaha  Continue reading Deconstructed Vietnamese Summer Roll

Pasta Pesto Primavera – with chicken. Or not.

I’ve been so busy teaching and with hockey games, I haven’t been very social these past few months. So now that hockey season is over for my team (boo, but also kinda glad because…) I have so much more free time! Last weekend I ran the Pat Tillman Memorial Run (more about that later), hit up a burger and beer tasting at the ball park, stayed for the baseball game, and then hit up a pool side yoga class on Sunday morning, ended up staying and hanging with some friends (old and new) and enjoying a few mimosas. I was so chilled out.

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Italian Bean and Vegetable Soup

I am a cold weather girl: the boots, the sweaters, the layers, the warm-you-up-from-the-inside food, all of it (or should I say FALL of it?!? LOL) Here in Arizona, fall is slow to show up and it’s over so quickly, I try to savor the moments. Our overnight low temps are finally dropping into the 60’s, and day time highs are just under 100, so I guess fall is close! Continue reading Italian Bean and Vegetable Soup

Ravioli with Asparagus & Walnuts in a Lemon Butter Glaze

So, it’s really been awhile since I have posted. Our lives have been going through some fairly big changes, and I’m teaching more classes, and even some other formats. I also really wanted to work on formatting my site to be prettier, more professional looking. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but soon, hopefully!

I made this little dish after I taught my Monday yin yoga class; its one of those recipes that comes together pretty quickly, is vegetarian (depending on the ravioli you choose) and is absolutely delicious! Continue reading Ravioli with Asparagus & Walnuts in a Lemon Butter Glaze

Rainbow Noodle Salad with Soy Tahini Dressing

Living in Arizona, I feel like allergy season is every season that it is not “the surface of the sun” hot. And for whatever reason (probably the massive amounts of rain we got this “winter”) my allergies are so bad right now. Sinus, eyes, throat and even a horrible cough, is making me curse these “cooler” temperatures and wistfully awaiting the arrival of 100 degree days. They will be here soon enough.

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Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

When I know I won’t be home until later in the day, and I can anticipate that making dinner will not be one of the things I am going to want to do when I get home, I try and meal plan something using my slow cooker or dutch oven. This way I can just get home and not worry too much that dinner is going to be pizza. And since my back is recuperating again, I’ve been trying some new fitness classes. Monday I tried a “Muscle” group class (at Mountainside Fitness) taught by Dana. It didn’t start until 6, which meant I wouldn’t be home until 7:30. For what  it’s worth, two days later and my calves are still mad at me! If you are reluctant to strength train on the weight floor like me, I really recommend group fitness classes like this. Dana was great, and offered several modifications.

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Lets Drop Some Beets

I’m feeling a little funky today, hence the title of todays blog….

I’m halfway through yoga teacher training and I’m still debating if I will end up teaching in a studio or just doing my own thing, teaching private classes and incorporating health coaching into my private nutrition consulting… Of course, teaching in a studio means I’d have to audition and then the whole thing of failing in front of people kinda starts to freak me out a bit. I do know that Restorative and Yin yoga is definitely my jam (keeping with the whole musical theme) but I’d like to be able to teach some gentle flow too. I’m super excited to see where this takes me.

On to my beet recipe… It occurred to me the other day that I share a lot of entree recipes but not side dishes. And this is probably my favorite side. Continue reading Lets Drop Some Beets

Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad

I recently sat in on a talk about flexible macro counting by the Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter ambassador, Kacey Luvi ; avid cross fitter, busy mom and fellow blogger (if you are interested in macro counting click on her name above and she gives a pretty good explanation and how to on her blog). She reminded me of the need to be consuming enough calories to fuel your body. As a woman, I believe our society rewards us for eating “like birds” and as we integrate that habit into our daily lives, the desire to cut calories in order to lose weight becomes second nature to us. Personally, I can find myself falling into the same trap often. Kacey talks about “reverse dieting” on her blog as well.  Continue reading Rainbow BBQ Chopped Salad

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge – The Ground Rules

Since my back surgery in December, I have managed to maintain my pre-surgery weight (wasn’t as successful the first time), and with January being a fairly hectic month in my house, I really needed to clean up and reset my nutrition. I hear a lot of people talking about the latest “cleanse” to start the new year off “on the right food”, so I made sure to track everything I ate over 7 days and kept my diet as free from processed foods and added sugar as I possibly could. Let me explain my approach.

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